Alternative Care to Improve Your Pet’s Mobility and Quality of Life

Your pet’s health and comfort are always our foremost concerns. No pet should have to suffer in silence with a debilitating condition that limits their activity and causes them constant pain. At Midwest Animal Hospital in Orland Park, we’re pleased to offer a variety of alternative care services to help pets heal and enjoy their lives once again. Our veterinarians can provide acupuncture, laser therapy, rehabilitation and even stem cell therapy services to help patients regain their mobility and spend more time with their loving owners.

Pain and decreased mobility can be severely detrimental to your pet’s well-being, and even shorten their lifespan. Therefore, our goal is to prevent this from happening in any way we can and give you and your pet as many years together as possible. To learn about our alternative care services, use the menu at left to navigate to the page of your choosing. If you have any questions for us, feel free to call at (708) 478-7788 or come visit us!