Training Classes for Dogs

Midwest Animal Hospital offers a variety of dog training services to get a well-behaved canine friend.

Private Lessons, Crash-Course (Package of 3 lessons) and Board & Train Programs are by appointment only offered Monday – Saturday.

Please Note:
*Classes listed on calendar are “Start Dates” and will then continue once per week the same time/day for the duration of the course unless otherwise indicated.
*Dogs/Puppies must be current on age appropriate vaccinations to enroll in class: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Influenza and Negative Fecal required* (MANDATORY FOR ANY BOARDING AND TRAINING OR DAYCARE)
CALL (708) 478-7788 TO REGISTER!

STAR Puppy Classes
Our puppy classes offer an informal, fun environment for puppies to interact with each other, learn basic obedience commands, get remedies for common puppy problems and experience new things in the environment in a positive way. The best time for early socialization is roughly between 8-18 weeks of age. Experiences during this critical time of social development set the stage for the rest of your puppy’s life and helps to prevent future behavioral problems. Don’t wait til it’s too late.  Come join other puppies and their families for a very informative class that you and your puppy will love.

Bow Wow Basics Class (Dogs or pups over 5 months)
For pups and dogs with no prior dog training, or for puppies who graduated from Puppy Pre-school. Learn basic obedience skills sit, down, stay, come, leash-walk, leave-it, watch-me with some minor distraction and in a variety of situations. Graduates get special certificate and awards! Meets 1x per week for 6 weeks, same day/time each week.

$120 / dog / 6-week class.

Bow Wow Basics II Class (Prerequisite: Bow Wow Basics or equivalent)
Obedience 4 Life! Continue improving the basic obedience skills learned in Bow Wow Basics. This class puts it all together and sets your dog up for reliable life-long behaviors and prepares you for more advance training: Canine Good Citizen, Rally, AKC Trick Dog Title, and so much more.  Meets 1x per week for 6-weeks, same day/time each week.

$120 per dog per class.

Other information for classes:
* Bring pea sized soft treats or kibble
* Bring buckle or snap style collar or harness, and a standard 4-6’ leash (no prongs,chokes or retractable leashes)
* Exercise your dog if needed prior to class so focus can be on learning
* Wear casual clothes and rubber sole shoes

Thursday, October 25, 7-8 pm

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep Class Responsible Owners, Well-Mannered Dogs. The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. In CGC, dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test can earn a certificate and/or the official AKC CGC title. Dogs with the CGC title have the suffix, “CGC” after their names. This class prepares your dog for taking and passing the CGC test. Meets 1x per week for 6 weeks, same day/time each week.

$120 for 1 dog for 6 classes.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Obedience

Wednesday, June 6, 7-8 pm

Rally Obedience Put your obedience skills to the test and have fun too!  Rally obedience is a dog sport based on obedience skills. Together, the owner-dog team walk a course consisting of 10 to 20 signs that instruct them on what to do. For example, sign #1 states to sit your dog, sign #2 states to make a right turn while sign #3 states to down your dog and so forth. A fun class for both you and your dog!  Meets 1x per week for 6 weeks, same day/time each week. $120 for 1 dog for 6 classes.

Prerequisite: Basic Obedience  5 dog max.

Tuesday, May 29, 7-8 pm

Nose Work Looking for an easy way to keep your dog busy and entertained that does not require a highly obedient dog? If so, join our new Nose Work class to learn how to teach your dog to hone in on his natural talent for sniffing things out. A dog is never too young or old to learn Nose Work. Plus, Nose Work can help build confidence especially for dogs who have fear-issues or anxiety and is a great way to spend time to bond with your dog. Treat your dog to one of the best classes s/he will ever takeMeets 1x per week for 6 weeks, same day/time each week.

$120 for 1 dog for 6 classes.   5 dog maximum.