Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs & Cats

Like acupuncture, stem cell therapy is a treatment method that essentially relies on your pet’s own cells for healing. Stem cells are ‘blank slates’ that have the ability to become any type of cell and repair or regenerate damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy can play a major role in treating conditions such as osteoarthritis and injuries of the bones, joints and connective tissues. In the future, this therapy may be able to treat a vast number of other health issues as well. Call us at (708) 478-7788 to discuss stem cell therapy with your veterinarian.

How It Works

To acquire stem cells, we need to collect them from your pet’s fat or bone marrow. We then inject the stem cells into the areas needing treatment, such as the joints, where they gather and generate new cell growth.

One of the greatest advantages of this therapy is that no drugs or invasive surgery are needed to extract stem cells.

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Additional Benefits

Along with triggering the growth of healthy new cells, stem cell therapy also produces other effects, including pain relief, reduced inflammation, and improved mobility. Unlike scar tissue, the tissue that the stem cells create is much more similar to regular, healthy tissue. Overall, this procedure can largely enhance your pet’s quality of life and help them live longer.

For more information about this service, call us today at (708) 478-7788.