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Mobile Vet in Orland Park, IL

Pet Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home
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It’s a busy world, and finding time for your pet’s veterinary appointments can be challenging. We’re also conscious of the fact that traveling to our facility is not always an option for some of our amazing clients and patients. That’s why Midwest Animal Hospital is thrilled to offer mobile veterinary services here in Orland Park, IL! We combine outstanding care with convenience to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy, no matter what.

Whether you need a first-time puppy exam or ongoing care for your senior dog or cat, our mobile unit is equipped to bring essential veterinary services to your home.

Book a mobile vet appointment today. Simply text us at (708) 478-9953 or call (708) 478-7788!

Why Should You Choose Our Mobile Vet Services?

We offer a broad range of services for mobile visits within a timeframe that’s convenient for you.


Flexible Scheduling

We operate Tuesdays and Fridays, making it easier to fit your pet’s health needs into your busy schedule.

Comprehensive Care

Our mobile services include:

  • New Puppy Exams to start your pet on a healthy path
  • Routine Wellness Exams for ongoing health monitoring
  • Geriatric Exams tailored to the needs of older pets
  • Consultations for any medical concerns
  • Essential Vaccinations for disease prevention
  • Diagnostic Blood Work to screen for hidden issues
  • Chiropractic Care to relieve pain and improve mobility
  • Compassionate End of Life Services for terminally ill/senior pets

Continued Care

at Midwest Animal Hospital

If your pet is seen by our mobile vet team and we find that they need more advanced diagnostics or treatments, we can transport them to our full-service hospital in Orland Park for additional care. After treatment, you can choose to pick up your pet yourself, or we can bring them back to you after 6 PM, ensuring they receive seamless care throughout their treatment.

At Midwest Animal Hospital, we are committed to making veterinary care as accessible as possible to all our patients and clients. Let us bring our expert care to you and help your pet stay in the best of health for years to come!

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Call (708) 478-7788 or text (708) 478-9953 to schedule a visit from our amazing mobile vet team.