Animal Reproduction Services in Orland Park, IL

Midwest Animal Hospital offers convenient and efficient animal reproduction services for pet breeders throughout Orland Park, IL, and the Greater Chicago Area. Our technicians have years of experience in showing, training and breeding dogs, and understand that for professional animal breeders, timing and availability are absolutely crucial for producing healthy litters.

Our hospital is open seven days a week to meet your specific needs. For the most timely service, we ask that you call us in advance to arrange your appointment.

Our Pet Reproduction Services

The primary breeding services we can provide through each stage of the process include:


  • OFA testing
  • Breeding exams

Stud Services

  • Semen collection
  • Semen evaluation
  • Chilled semen shipping
  • Storing and shipping frozen semen

Bitch Services

  • Ovulation timing
  • In-house progesterone testing
  • Artificial insemination (AI)
  • Transcervical insemination (TCI)
  • Surgical insemination


  • C-sections
  • Litter evaluation
  • Tail docking
  • Dewclaw removal
  • Deworming vaccinations

Progesterone Testing

At Midwest Animal Hospital, we can run progesterone tests in-house to help determine breeding schedules for females. Timing is critical at this stage, and our testing capabilities have the advantage of a 2-hour turnaround. By contrast, referring to a lab can take up to 24 hours! We understand the time-sensitive nature of animal breeding and how important it is to produce quick, accurate results for our clients.

The purpose of testing a female’s progesterone levels is to help breeders identify when ovulation will occur. Testing can be performed as early as five days into the heat cycle. Progesterone must reach a specific level to establish a breeding schedule.

In-House Semen Storage and Shipping

We are not only capable of shipping frozen semen to various locations within the state and around the country; we can also evaluate and store semen in our durable freezing unit. We store the semen in liquid nitrogen, which means it can be kept indefinitely. All semen samples are privately owned by the breeders and used only with their permission.

Another advantage of storing semen in this way is that it allows you to “go back in time” and breed animals using healthier semen to avoid passing on harmful recessive traits to future litters.

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Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is beneficial if a male and female show no interest in mating. Midwest Animal Hospital offers both surgical and transcervical insemination (TCI). While surgical insemination requires sedating the female, TCI can be performed on the female without putting them through the stress of anesthesia.

TCI involves using an endoscope and passing it through the vaginal canal and into the cervix. The camera mounted on the end of the endoscope allows us to visualize and better position the inseminator and depose the semen into the uterus.

Additional advantages to this procedure include:

  • No anesthesia risks and therefore fewer health risks to the female
  • Far less risk of trauma and infection
  • Female can return home immediately after

Together, these factors can help to produce higher conception rates.

Consult with Us About Your Breeding Needs

Our technicians are available seven days a week to assist you with time-sensitive procedures and other services you will not find anywhere else in the Chicago area. To arrange a visit, please call (708) 478-7788.