Can’t Come to Us? We’ll Come to You

We understand that as much as some pet owners want to bring their animals to see the veterinarian, they may not be able to for a number of reasons. Some pets have difficulty traveling, while others become extremely anxious the moment they set foot in an animal hospital. Regardless of the reason, we want our services to be available to every pet that needs them, which is why we offer veterinary house calls. Our veterinarians in Orland Park will work with you to set a date for their visit to your home, so your pet can get the care and attention they need.

Services We Can Provide for Veterinary House Calls

Our veterinarians are happy to provide the following services during house calls:

  • Physical exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm testing
  • Blood draws (for lab testing)
  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleanings
  • Anal gland cleanings
  • Administration/application of parasite preventative
  • Euthanasia
Veterinary House Calls in Orland Park

Scheduling A House Call with Us

To arrange for our visit to your home, simply give us a call, and your veterinarian will work to accommodate you as soon as possible. Let us know what services you require, so we can gather the necessary items ahead of time. On the day of the house call, we will notify you when your veterinarian is on their way. Make sure you have adequate space in your home to accommodate your veterinarian and their assistant, and keep other people out of the room to make the environment as peaceful and low-stress as possible.

If your pet needs urgent care that can only be provided at our hospital, we will let you know, and can transport them to our facility if necessary.