Pets Available for Adoption

Take a moment to meet the current dogs and cats available for adoption!


Basenji Mix | Neutered Male | 4 Months Old

Butkus is a very sweet little boy who would love to run and play with you and your family!


Pitbull | Spayed Female | 4 Years Old

Eve has a ton of energy, and is willing to give someone all her love! Eve would do best in a home where she is the only dog.


Terrier Mix | Spayed Female | 5 Years Old

Lady is a sweet girl who would love to follow you around all day.  She does not have a ton of energy, so if you like to cuddle, she’s the dog for you!


Lhasa Apso | Spayed Female | 6 Years Old

Sierra loves to follow us around and be our little shadow!


Terrier Mix | Spayed Females | 4 Months Old

Tulip is a sweet little girl who has a ton of energy. She does have a medical condition that will need to be discussed with a doctor upon adoption.