Alexander Sommerfeldt

Dr. Sommerfeldt graduated from the University of Missouri in 2019, where he majored in animal science with a minor in plant science. He attended graduate school at Ross University, where he earned his DVM in 2024.

Tell us about your family and any pets you have!
I have 2 sisters in my family, with me being the middle child. I have 2 ferrets and 2 dogs that I live with. The ferrets are both males, named Rocky and Ali. My dogs are named Leo and Sky, and both are Labrador Retrievers.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
I would be a bird of some kind so I would be able to fly.

What set you on the path to becoming a veterinarian?
I have always enjoyed being around animals at a young age. From spending time on my uncle’s farm in Green Lake, Wisconsin to working in a clinic as a technician, my passion for veterinary medicine soon grew. As time went on, I knew this was the career path for me.

What is your favorite animal-related quote?
“Your pet is your best friend for a period of time, but you are their best friend for life.”