Avian & Exotic Vet in Orland Park

Dogs and cats are not the only patients we welcome to our animal hospital in Orland Park. We also offer exotic and avian vet care to ensure that animals in need regardless of species will be able to stay healthy. Avians include birds such as parakeets, cockatiels, and parrots. Exotic pets can include rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and sugar gliders, to name a few. We’re happy to perform checkups on birds and exotic animals to make sure they are off to a good start, and to help maintain their quality of life. We can also run diagnostics or do imaging if necessary to check for illness.

Remember, just like dogs and cats, avians and exotics are a huge responsibility and should always be regarded as such. We need to see them annually for routine wellness exams so we can build a comprehensive health profile and take note of any changes in their health status. Call us at (708) 478-7788 today!

colorful bird

Avian Care

Birds can make wonderful pets when cared for properly. They are social and intelligent, and need plenty of toys and space in their enclosures to stay mentally and physically occupied. Your bird’s enclosure should be large enough for them to spread their wings and fly, and should be cleaned regularly (birds can be messy). During their visit, which includes a physical exam, we will go over:

  • Grooming
  • Handling
  • Diet
  • Appropriate toys and diversions
  • Maintaining their environment
  • Recognizing signs of illness

Caring for Exotics

Depending on their species, we can make recommendations regarding diet, handling, habitat/housing, behavior, and more. We should see your exotic pet once or twice a year to monitor their health and check for changes in their appearance or behavior. Be sure to socialize with your exotic pet and keep their home clean at all times. Also be sure to maintain your pet’s environment at a stable, comfortable temperature.

Let us know if you have observed any problems with your pet at home, and never hesitate to ask us questions. We want your pet to live their healthiest life, just like you do. Call us today at (708) 478-7788.