Do you have any degrees, certificates or award you’d like clients to know about?
– BA in arts
– Went to grooming school
– Repair laser print certified by HP
– CNA License
– Went to school to be a paralegal

Do you specialize in any breed or have a favorite breed to groom?
I specialize in cats. I love grooming cats and giving breed specific grooms to West Highland Terriers and Scottish Terriers.

Tell us about your journey in your career. Why did you become a groomer?
I started at Midwest as a bather, went to grooming school, worked at sister clinics as a groomer and became a groomer at Midwest full-time a few years ago! I have been grooming for over 15 years!

What is the most important advice to give your clients?
To work with your pets so we can handle them well during the grooming process. Play with their paws, rub their belly and touch their face at an early age!

What is the most rewarding part of your career?
Making the pets look and feel better.

What information about your family would you like to share?
My son has released two songs that are on the radio (he wrote them, too!).

Do you have any pets?
– 4 Boston Terriers
– 1 indoor cat
– 1 barn cat
– 1 pony
– 3 horses
– 1 mini horse
– 1 potbelly pig
– 1 goat
– 7 chickens

Does anything make your pets unique?
Montana is a show horse. Mystique (mini horse) is being trained to drive a cart. Paint (38-year-old pony) had surgery at the age of 6 and was given a 25% chance of living and now has lived 32 years since his surgery!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Ride my horses!

What is your favorite song?
Butter by BTS.