What animal would you be, if you had to pick one?
I would be a cat because they are lazy, spoiled, funny, and playful. Who could pass up such a cozy and fun opportunity?

Share a few fun facts about yourself!
I can play the piano by sounding out each note because I can’t read sheet music! Also, I love to sing my heart out. Before I fell in love with vet med, I originally wanted to be a bone specialist.

Tell us about your animal family.
I’m big on family time! My little Marshmello (French Bulldog) is my world, as well as our 2 cats, Libra and Lilac, our leopard gecko Neptune, and our little old bunny, Knibbler.

What piece of advice would you give every pet owner?
Always get your pets vaccinated and provide them with basic training and socialization–and most of all, give them lots of love!